Yes! We have high speed in these areasWe have the largest high speed internet coverage area of ANY Klamath Basin provider. We have service in Klamath Falls, Keno, Bonanza, Lorella, Langell Valley, Newell, Tulelake, Merrill, Malin, Worden, Midland, Dairy, Sprague River, Beatty, Lakeview and surrounding areas!

aready for streaming high-definition Content

Modern internet-enabled devices that stream content such as Vudu

Netflix, Google TV, Hulu, Pandora and many more, require a network

that can stream content at high speed without interruption. SteelNet's network is designed to do just that.a


Red Alert Firewall System

Protect you and your data from malicious hackers, spyware, viruses and much more with the latest in firewall technology. Our exclusive Red Alert Firewall system is built in to each of our services. With no software to install, the Red Alert Firewall is completely managed by our security experts constantly protecting and preventing unwanted threats 24/7.

Full featured content filtering

Block unwanted website topics such as pornography, spyware, viruses and other negative or malicious sites seamlessly and easily with our content filtering. There is absolutely no software to install or manage. The filtering is completely handled by our servers. Protect you, your business or your family from unwanted websites.

Latest Traffic Shaping Technology

Not all connections have only one computer. Having multiple computers using one connection can leave your PC choking for bandwidth. With our traffic shaping, your connection instantly shares bandwidth between multiple devices and leaves bandwidth for critical applications such as gaming or VOIP services. This leaves your internet experience smooth and consistent, even when other devices are using bandwidth.

Advanced SPAM detection and prevention

All of our e-mail accounts on our services include the latest SPAM detection and prevention technologies. We use over 20 different technologies all seamless and integrated in an easy to use automatic SPAM detection and prevention system that you control. Receive the e-mail you want and block the mail you don’t. Over 99% of all SPAM is blocked on our system!

e-mail Virus protection second to none

Each and every e-mail message that passes through our servers is scanned three times by separate antivirus programs with the latest in virus detection engines. Viruses are blocked before they ever even reach your inbox. All of this is done at our servers with nothing to install or maintain on your PC or network. This level of protection is seamless and automatic with each and every one of our services.